2015 08 Sep

In Memory of my grandfather….

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Our beloved departed father, grandfather, and great grandfather, Mahmood Ahmed Farooqui’s book, Evocative Epistles, compiled by Mamoon Akhtar Farooqui, was reviewed recently by ex-Ambassador Mr Karamatullah K Ghori, from Toronto, Canada, and published in the Pakistan Link Newspaper, New York. Please download Pakistan Link – Sept 4, 2015 – Pages 8-9 to read properly.

Pakistan Link - Sept 4, 2015 - Pages  8-9_Page_1

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2014 17 Dec

Mister Terrorist

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You came to my school one day,
And interrupted my class,
I was enjoying myself making things,
I was attending my art class.

You disrupted my discipline,
You destroyed my dear school,
You came in with big fat guns,
And left us in blood pools.

I was enjoying making a sail boat,
My friend was painting trees,
My brother was in Physics class,
My sister in History.

But you came in anyway,
As selfish as you were,
You did not see my age,
My learning was just taking a start.
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2012 11 Oct

Malala Yousufzai, the daughter of the nation

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Since everyone was talking about Malala and how the poor 14 year old child got attacked on 9th of October 2012, an unfortunate event that almost cost her her life, I only found it fair that I dedicate a post to her on my website too.

The young girl, a victim of so called “Jihad” activity courtesy of the Taliban, who have taken over one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan, is now fighting for her life in the confines of a hospital bed. She was shot at on the morning of 9th October 2012, hit once in the head and once in the neck. Though the bullets have been extracted from her body, she was in a critical condition according to the latest news reports. Of course, I condemn the act as much as anyone else in this country who would have appreciated that she was, is, an asset to the country. But condemning wouldn’t exactly bring her back. We need to do something. Something more productive than walking in prayer for the recovery of the girl, something towards eradication of terrorism and terrorists from our beloved country, be they Taliban or anyone else from outer space.

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2012 17 Sep

Issues, or Distractions?

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Okay, first of all, this whole post is my opinion only; I’m not trying to change anyone else’s opinions or to influence them with mine.

This is about the different kinds of messages that I’ve been getting about different issues on the blasphemy of Islam and it’s different elements, especially our Holy Prophet S.A.W. I do not in any way, I repeat, I do not support any of those activities in any way. But I have an opinion which I’d like everyone to read and think if they want to or ignore if they want to.

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