2013 01 Jan

New year: an ouch here, a boom there

Author: crazynovelist Categories: Misc, Ranting

The new year arrived for me the previous evening, 31st of December 2012, when I fell smack on my knees just outside my home, while returning from work. With big red spots (on both knees) to remind me of what had happened, I spent the remaining five hours writhing in pain and trying to convert my frowns into smiles and ready to cry expressions into jumping-about-the-room-with-frustration-out-of-holding-my-scream exercises. While the rest of the world prepared to welcome the new year with new hopes, I prepared to go to bed, forgetting in my pain the welcoming committee that greets the new year in my area, right outside my window.

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2012 11 May

My apologies

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Okay I know that my first post is long due and it is the reason I’m writing this post in such hurry at this time of the night.

I’m extremely sorry to all my current n future readers that I delayed so much in this post. But due to some personal problems at home, which you would also come to understand as I gradually proceed with the post, made it impossible for me to even think creatively, let alone write.

Don’t get me wrong. It is this very situation that I want to help you guys and myself fight with and win from.

So I assure you, it’s still not a promise – even though the post is half ready n residing as a draft in my posts page – but I need to be practical, so instead of promising, I assure you, the post shall be published tomorrow Insha Allah. And since it’s one of the most crucial topics of a writer’s life, I shall be very detailed and slow in making my point so better ready your patience. :-)

Till then, adios!! ;-)

2012 01 May

War already!

Author: crazynovelist Categories: Ranting

The other night I was thinking, very very annoyingly, as to how to use the frustratingly extra (sorry dear) writing energy that keeps burning inside me and doesn’t let me sleep at night or work in the day.

I have always been passionate about writing, I wanted to be a writer, not an IT personnel, and wasn’t able to manage it only because it had no place in my country. An underdeveloped country of Asia, Pakistan has its shares of literary geniuses now, but at the time when I was trying to choose my career it had no idea even about the “L” of literature. Well, maybe it did in Urdu Adab, but hardly any in English anyway. Needless to say, it’s now too late to do more than just be a normal novelist/writer; where at that crucial time, I wanted to make a record of being the first Pakistani writer, or youngest writer to get published.

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