2013 28 Feb

Dilemma of Incomplete Bibliographies

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Greetings again!

The other day, I was going through one of my favorite bookstores, looking for a title that was written by a certain writer.

To be exact, I was going through Liberty Bookstore’s website, looking for Stephen King’s book “On Writing”. And unfortunately I could not find it. Hence the post. It’s essential to let people know (whether they read my site or not, I don’t care), that there are books of writers that they have no idea about and that could be much better to read than the ones they’re already reading.

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2013 01 Jan

New year: an ouch here, a boom there

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The new year arrived for me the previous evening, 31st of December 2012, when I fell smack on my knees just outside my home, while returning from work. With big red spots (on both knees) to remind me of what had happened, I spent the remaining five hours writhing in pain and trying to convert my frowns into smiles and ready to cry expressions into jumping-about-the-room-with-frustration-out-of-holding-my-scream exercises. While the rest of the world prepared to welcome the new year with new hopes, I prepared to go to bed, forgetting in my pain the welcoming committee that greets the new year in my area, right outside my window.

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2012 20 Nov

Post Script to Malala’s post

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Salam everyone

I’ve been pretty inactive lately and that’s not due to anything I’ve got to do and there’s nothing that’s keeping me too busy. I’m just too lazy to write and also I think I’m now out of topics.
I wrote a post on Miss Malala Yousufzai some days back and suddenly I’m noticing that people are sort of misunderstanding the attention that media is giving her shooting and not other events that happen with schools or students.

Our media, as I was discussing with a friend, just needs something to propagate. Then it magnifies the issue and distracts the nation, then leaves it hanging in the middle, making people like me wonder what happened to it, and others stop giving it any value at all.
It’s true, Malala did something a girl of her age would rarely dream of, especially when she directly challenged the Taliban, a bad move according to my dad, and wrote about the events of her city in the international news channel blog BBC.

Some days after the terrible attack on the young girl, I started getting forward messages about how other schools and universities and students all over the country were targeted as well and the media had treated them as just simple everyday events. After a few messages, I could take it no more and decided to do something about it.

Thus this post.

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2012 11 Oct

Malala Yousufzai, the daughter of the nation

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Since everyone was talking about Malala and how the poor 14 year old child got attacked on 9th of October 2012, an unfortunate event that almost cost her her life, I only found it fair that I dedicate a post to her on my website too.

The young girl, a victim of so called “Jihad” activity courtesy of the Taliban, who have taken over one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan, is now fighting for her life in the confines of a hospital bed. She was shot at on the morning of 9th October 2012, hit once in the head and once in the neck. Though the bullets have been extracted from her body, she was in a critical condition according to the latest news reports. Of course, I condemn the act as much as anyone else in this country who would have appreciated that she was, is, an asset to the country. But condemning wouldn’t exactly bring her back. We need to do something. Something more productive than walking in prayer for the recovery of the girl, something towards eradication of terrorism and terrorists from our beloved country, be they Taliban or anyone else from outer space.

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2012 17 Sep

Issues, or Distractions?

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Okay, first of all, this whole post is my opinion only; I’m not trying to change anyone else’s opinions or to influence them with mine.

This is about the different kinds of messages that I’ve been getting about different issues on the blasphemy of Islam and it’s different elements, especially our Holy Prophet S.A.W. I do not in any way, I repeat, I do not support any of those activities in any way. But I have an opinion which I’d like everyone to read and think if they want to or ignore if they want to.

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2012 16 Jul

Happy Birthday to me!

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Okay, I know my birthday passed a month ago, 16 June to be exact, but I’m a lazy writer, and I didn’t feel like writing when I stayed up at night. Or typing for that matter.

But I wanted to share this with everyone out there, especially writers who have this unexplainable ability to write with a pen but not on their computer systems. I’m one anyway. I have no idea what has happened. There was this one time when I couldn’t put my pen down. Literally. And then I couldn’t pick it up as I pecked on the keyboard all night. I wrote a whole novel online! But then again a time has come, when I pick up a pen, my hand, my fingers start itching to start writing and not stop till they are exhausted, and yet when I sit online to write anything, I’m blank. Just like that. It’s annoying, inexplicable, irritating, and overall disastrous for the creative personality living in me. Read more…

2012 14 Jun

Dedicated to Sir Paulo Coelho

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Just putting down Sir Paulo Coelho’s book “The Zahir” – hardly finished, but at its peak nevertheless – I realized…in fact I keep re-realizing this: his ideas match with mine so greatly that I’m taking inspiration from myself, and that, however strange it may sound, is a big thing in my opinion.

Sir Coelho first changed my life when I read his adventurous and spiritual tale, The Alchemist. Recommended to me by a beloved and favourite teacher, it gave me support to live my life as it was going thankfully, and not complain too much. It helped a lot and I found a peace that I hadn’t done before, not even with my constant habit of writing off my emotional turmoil in a crazy novel that I had cooked up. At that time, I was still young, or perhaps I did not want to get mature mentally as much as I’d grown in age. Or maybe it was my limit of absorbing as much as I did. Whichever it was, I had not realized at the time that my future maturity shall make me go absolutely crazy.

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2012 02 Jun

Missing inspiration

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Sorry again people for being so late, but I have a dozen draft posts in here and no inspiration to write on any of the topics.

Just too depressed these days.

The good news is that I’m getting my own site now, and this blog will be shifting there soon.

The bad news (plural) are that two of my blogs have gone missing, one from WP altogether and the other from “My Blogs” list. The former is missing from the list too.

Anyway, right now, I’m very busy at home, at office and setting up my site – making every single element for the design =) – so I shall be seeing you Insha Allah soon after the site is up.

Thanks for your patience!

Adios! =)

2012 17 May

Donot edit that manuscript!

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To edit or not to edit that is the question.

Good after-midnight everyone! It’s 1230 after midnight here and I’m writing on my blog like the crazy writer that I am. And I still manage to be late to post.

You see, I live in a very controlled environment and that is how I found that editing your manuscript before it is complete can be disastrous for your book. Not just disastrous either; it can actually completely destroy your book.

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2012 11 May

My apologies

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Okay I know that my first post is long due and it is the reason I’m writing this post in such hurry at this time of the night.

I’m extremely sorry to all my current n future readers that I delayed so much in this post. But due to some personal problems at home, which you would also come to understand as I gradually proceed with the post, made it impossible for me to even think creatively, let alone write.

Don’t get me wrong. It is this very situation that I want to help you guys and myself fight with and win from.

So I assure you, it’s still not a promise – even though the post is half ready n residing as a draft in my posts page – but I need to be practical, so instead of promising, I assure you, the post shall be published tomorrow Insha Allah. And since it’s one of the most crucial topics of a writer’s life, I shall be very detailed and slow in making my point so better ready your patience. :-)

Till then, adios!! ;-)