2012 16 Jul

Happy Birthday to me!

Author: crazynovelist Categories: Writing

Okay, I know my birthday passed a month ago, 16 June to be exact, but I’m a lazy writer, and I didn’t feel like writing when I stayed up at night. Or typing for that matter.

But I wanted to share this with everyone out there, especially writers who have this unexplainable ability to write with a pen but not on their computer systems. I’m one anyway. I have no idea what has happened. There was this one time when I couldn’t put my pen down. Literally. And then I couldn’t pick it up as I pecked on the keyboard all night. I wrote a whole novel online! But then again a time has come, when I pick up a pen, my hand, my fingers start itching to start writing and not stop till they are exhausted, and yet when I sit online to write anything, I’m blank. Just like that. It’s annoying, inexplicable, irritating, and overall disastrous for the creative personality living in me. Read more…