2012 16 Jul

Happy Birthday to me!

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Okay, I know my birthday passed a month ago, 16 June to be exact, but I’m a lazy writer, and I didn’t feel like writing when I stayed up at night. Or typing for that matter.

But I wanted to share this with everyone out there, especially writers who have this unexplainable ability to write with a pen but not on their computer systems. I’m one anyway. I have no idea what has happened. There was this one time when I couldn’t put my pen down. Literally. And then I couldn’t pick it up as I pecked on the keyboard all night. I wrote a whole novel online! But then again a time has come, when I pick up a pen, my hand, my fingers start itching to start writing and not stop till they are exhausted, and yet when I sit online to write anything, I’m blank. Just like that. It’s annoying, inexplicable, irritating, and overall disastrous for the creative personality living in me. Read more…

2012 06 May

Writers’ Block Part 1

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Okay, I know I promised the post to have been published yesterday, but I am an employed person, and even though my boss is great and I do an ample amount of hobby writing in my office too, something came up urgently and I was unable to work on the post.

Ah the weekend at last! Or should I say, the weekend comes in the last =( My weekends are so short, they’re over before I can wake up proper. But since I started the blog, I have a promise to fulfil and I shall do my best to do so.

Let’s start with the first and worst thing that every writer just has to go through, no matter what genre he writes in or which country he lives in – the WRITERS’ BLOCK!!

Oh yeah, the name says it all, and much more, I know.

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2012 27 Apr


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Me the budding novelist wants to talk to all the other budding novelists out there and give you the help n tips that I did not have. Not when I needed them at least :-). You can ask me questions about all things writing. Not that you won’t find advices all over the internet. But I want to add to that help.

I also found lots of these so called advisory sites and felt lost even after reading through them. Here I wish to share my experience as a writer who did not have support and yet managed to be stubborn enough to get two books published. And though I just have the proof copies of each and have as yet sold only 3 copies, I want to encourage all of you young novelists who are tired and ready to give up. I want to give you faith and hope. Life has just started, you have only just realized that you have a talent and you have just started to write your first novel.

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