Me the budding novelist wants to talk to all the other budding novelists out there and give you the help n tips that I did not have. Not when I needed them at least :-). You can ask me questions about all things writing. Not that you won’t find advices all over the internet. But I want to add to that help.

I also found lots of these so called advisory sites and felt lost even after reading through them. Here I wish to share my experience as a writer who did not have support and yet managed to be stubborn enough to get two books published. And though I just have the proof copies of each and have as yet sold only 3 copies, I want to encourage all of you young novelists who are tired and ready to give up. I want to give you faith and hope. Life has just started, you have only just realized that you have a talent and you have just started to write your first novel.

For those of you who are better at fiction, I’d say, don’t worry and move on. Step forward. Don’t be embarrassed because you want to add a bit of spice to your book. After all, fiction is derived from reality isn’t it? So what’s there to be embarrassed about in reality?? Keep moving ahead. Remember, if something doesn’t stop you permanently then the one spirit who matters most, Allah, is with you anyway so no-one else has the right to stop you.

And for those of you who find themselves better at the more reality based non-fictional genre, don’t fret and think you’re a bore. Knowledge of the real world is as important to survive as is the ability to be creative. Relax and try using your knowledge as a means to enlighten others. Don’t pay attention to the boring looks your friends or family may give you. One day they shall come to you for your autograph. If you decide to move ahead that is. And ignore all the things that seem to disapprove you and your work.

I guess as yet this is enough for a welcome message. Hope to keep writing. Good night for now. 🙂

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  1. I want to know what happened to your grammar. I want to know why, as someone trying to give writing advice, you have expressed yourself using a smiley face. I want to know so, so much, because I simply do not understand what any of this means, or why it is here. I don’t get it one bit.
    Have you considered doing something else? Like, perhaps learning to write and then, when you’ve mastered it, passing on your tips?
    Or perhaps, a “How Not To Write” themed blog would work in your favor?
    I’m not being an as****e, but you can’t write for s***. You need to practice the f*** out of it before anyone will be coming to you for tips.

    1. Rebecca Your incomprehensiveness is beyond me. First of all, my grammar is fine and I’m not here to teach you English. Second I’m not “trying to give writing advices” as you put it, but instead am trying to talk to perhaps hundreds of people like me who, because they do not find a way or do not have any support, want to give up writing altogether. I do not wish to help them in writing a novel. I want to share and tell them they’re not alone and to face the various problems that come their way and not give up hope.
      As for a smiley, well, I’m not writing a novel in which you have to follow the “show not tell” rule. Most people would probably prefer that I use the emoticon instead of saying in brackets “(hey, I’m smiling)”. It’ll be too weird.
      Mastering writing is an impossible and tremendous task. I’m afraid by the time I finally “master” the techniques of writing, it might be too late for people who could have been great authors but just couldn’t take the pressure.
      I would never call anyone who comes to ask me questions an “” (yes I censored it because I’m not as open as you are) or anything bad for that matter. The blog is open to public so that you can ask questions, bring up arguments, be angry, and overall, just share your experiences.
      This is not a tutorial for you. It is a message of hope. A path, giving you sly tips on what you can do tomove ahead. You want to follow it, fine, you don’t want to follow, I never asked you to sign an agreement before you started reading the blog that you will have to follow, so I don’t care either way.
      And practice? I’ve been writing the heck out of myself and my fingers for 15 years at least. I’ve won contests and parts on tv. I’ve done literally everything a girl can do in a country like mine, in the under 30 aged people category.
      You were not asked to come to my blog. You don’t need the tips or don’t understand the point of the blog, then stop reading and find some other more interesting one, perhaps something that is after your own nature?

    2. Oh, and by the way, I hate grammar and spelling mistakes, so would you be so kind to point them out to me before you leave? Thanks in advance. 🙂
      And one more thing. I hardly started the blog, it was my first post and I was still editing it when you suddenly commented. Did you pause to think what you are suddenly bursting at? I am still thinking. Mind telling me what’s the problem?

    3. Oh now I get it. Your site holds a similar topic. Do not worry. I am not here to rival you or steal your readership.
      And yes, if you do not need tips, don’t visit my blog. What brought you here in the first place anyway? If this is how you feel about my blog, it’s not for you anyway.
      But keep in mind, I will visit your blogs. Because I strongly believe that there’s nothing perfect enough for it not to have any room for improvement.
      Gotta go now. Nighty night. 🙂

  2. Had you taken a moment to think about what you were writing before publishing it, you wouldn’t have needed to go back and change it now, would you?

    Anyway, there’s no problem. Just one great “advices” giver giving another “advices” giver some helpful “advices”.

    I really wasn’t being an as****e, your post read like a cry for help so I thought I’d lend a hand.

    1. A “cry for help”? You comments seem more like you’re trying to safeguard your territory and are afraid of sharing yiur readers than helping me out.
      If you want to help go ahead and share your experience of fighting to get to where you are now and give courage and hope to the people who may not have the fighting spirit.
      N I repeat, I’m NOT advising anyone. You want to follow or not, I don’t care either way.
      And as far as the “need” to change my post is concerned, who am I? God (nauzubillah)? That I wouldn’t need to change my writing? What do you do? Write in one go without changing anything? And I did not “change” anything. I increased the length of my post to “clarify” the subject a bit more. If you read the post before commenting you’d vouch for it yourself. And though I have no need to clarify myself to you,I qas testing the post and connectivity of my mobile device before I wrote too much because I was given errors. And no I do not want you to turn my blog into a battleground of what I’m doing and what I should be doing. Give attention to your own blog and let me attend to mine.

  3. Ah, my first WordPress flame war. Fun times. Anyway, I come waving the white flag. What you write really isn’t any of my business and I’m sorry I was out of line. I genuinely thought you needed a kick up the a**. So, I’ll butt out, but I do encourage you to keep your promise and visit my blog!

    1. And please mind your language at my blog. Avoid curses and bad words. In my society and in the family background that I come from, they are very disapproved things and I do not wish another war in the physical world fighting with gossipers that I talk to people who use bad words.
      Thanx in advance. Ttyl.

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