Assalam o Alaikum beautiful people!

Ahhhhh!! So the ClipStudio contest is over now and it’s now going to be a long wait for the results, which will be announced on August 6. Not that I expect anything on my really simple and amateurish submissions.

A link to the complete submissions page:
Do visit it, the submissions are brilliant. It’s worth looking at through.

I’m adding them below:

Constellation Express

I didn’t do a lot in this. Just followed a tutorial for a galaxy halfway, then added a few elements of my own, added a rail track and there it was! My first ever complete illustration. But I’m not really sure if this can be called a digital “painting” – I mean because I hardly used the brush, just to settle the colors on the planets a little and give some color to the stars.

I had wanted to do a train in there, but it was so curly wurly, that I couldn’t find the courage. Overall, I think the result is good. For a first time digital painting that is. Of course, I do expect a lot more from myself. And now that I’m in the game finally, I will go on working hard and improve as much as possible. Do note – as my mom made me confess – that the tracks are narrower at the far end and broader at the near end – that being the law of perspective lol.

Here’s the link to it on the ClipStudio page:

Beyond All Nebulas

Now, I know this is cliche – I admit, I didn’t think a lot when I made this or finalized it. The heart in the middle of the sky was completely impulsive, I was experimenting. And that balcony gave me a hard time making since I’m not that good in perspective stuff. All in all, I can safely say that this one was to get me unstuck from the creative block that had suddenly befallen me. Not a bad result, but then this never happens, except in Disney fairytale movies and Korean dramas. Not very practical, but good practice 🙂

Here’s its link on the ClipStudio page:

Read to Me Under the Stars

Ah, my most favorite. Simply because I spent 2 days harvesting the idea in my head before taking it to paper. I mean laptop…. Uh, Photoshop? Well, you know what I mean, right?

I played with several concepts for this, but in the end I finalized what is seen above. I regret to say that I forgot to add the cat, but then I got too excited with the stars and the fireflies.

I had wanted to do this with the girl sitting on top of a cloud, but I knew that would take a lot more time. I will do it now, of course, but this was for the contest. Needless to say, this is my favorite. I used my beloved tablet here most. Everything was done using the tablet, except the text.

Here’s its link on the ClipStudio page:

So in conclusion, even though I used to say Illustrator is my friend rather than Photoshop, I have to admit now, that this is an enjoyable software and it is useful. I have learned a lot through this contest – thank you ClipStudio – and I hope to keep on learning. Insha Allah.

Stay safe everybody!

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