Just putting down Sir Paulo Coelho’s book “The Zahir” – hardly finished, but at its peak nevertheless – I realized…in fact I keep re-realizing this: his ideas match with mine so greatly that I’m taking inspiration from myself, and that, however strange it may sound, is a big thing in my opinion.

Sir Coelho first changed my life when I read his adventurous and spiritual tale, The Alchemist. Recommended to me by a beloved and favourite teacher, it gave me support to live my life as it was going thankfully, and not complain too much. It helped a lot and I found a peace that I hadn’t done before, not even with my constant habit of writing off my emotional turmoil in a crazy novel that I had cooked up. At that time, I was still young, or perhaps I did not want to get mature mentally as much as I’d grown in age. Or maybe it was my limit of absorbing as much as I did. Whichever it was, I had not realized at the time that my future maturity shall make me go absolutely crazy.

When I started thinking if marriage and love and family was all that mattered in life and if so, why Allah had promised/ prophesized a second world, a better place, a different place? I thought I had completely lost it. I thought my upbringing had something wrong with it, that, even after growing up in the middle of only one idea and being surrounded by such thinking of the people and society, I could think of marriage and family as nothing more than a part of life and not life itself.

Then I got hold of “The Zahir”. The book inspires me to such an extent that I just had to write something about it in my website. I just can’t live without letting the world know of the strong impact it has had on me. I have just reached start of Mikhail’s story, and yet, a part of me knows that I knew every single concept that I have read so far. My problem was that I was unable to share it with anyone since the narrow mindedness of my society did not allow me to do so.

The points that the book mentions has made me grow stronger on my beliefs that marriage is only a part of life and not life itself, as the perception goes here. Unfortunately, that is not a good thing for me – living in the society that I do, no-one would understand this. Instead, I’m labeled as abnormal. Why? I mean what is normality anyway? It’s just a word, a word that we have defined and something with which we define people. But is it fair to use words to define people? I mean, we are after all, the most intelligent species on the Earth, why do we need definitions? Why do we need rules and regulations through which we find it difficult to live our lives? Do we seriously need to confine ourselves to the mere actions of just learning, studying, marrying, reproducing and earning?

Is that all there is to life? Then why are we trying to keep increasing our intellectual powers? Why do we keep advancing in technology, keep improving the way we live? We can live by the above rules just as we are. It’s very simple keeping the advancements aside. Then why have we created such complications?

While reading The Zahir, I realized, this was my Zahir. This concept of doing something more, something else, something non-traditional – it shall stay with me all my life and I shall never be happy as long as I know I did nothing to follow my curiosity.

It also gave me relief to find out that I wasn’t alone in this concept. True, Sir Coelho (and I call him Sir because he is my senior in profession and experience, and he deserves it anyway =D), had his own way of expressing it, and he did a fine job, in fact an excellent job (what a book seriously! Phew!), but it gave me great courage to know that a writer and a human like him could think about it. His maturity level and intelligence cannot be questioned, and people accept his ideas with love and passion. They not just believe in them, but also are impacted enough for their lives to change. Again and again I read twits and various comments for Sir Coelho’s books that say they the books have changed their lives. Certainly, one of these effected people includes me as well, but my concepts match Sir’s so much that I have started taking inspiration from myself. It is great encouragement to know that you can think in the way of a mature man at an age that is neither youth nor the middle age, and yet a very important age anyway.

So I dedicate this blog post to my favorite author, Sir Paulo Coelho! Thank you sir, for such great books – they shall help me greatly in continuing living my life. I also want to ‘die while I was living’. =) And I hope I succeed.

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