Some days back, I finished reading the very brilliant book, “The Rescue” by Nicholas Sparks. I was so inspired by it, that I decided to write a poem for him, using names of his own books:

Dear John,
At First Sight, when I saw it,
I became a True Believer
I sent up a Message in a Bottle
And like a Guardian
Your Notebook
Came to my Rescue
I made a Choice
And had a Walk to Remember
In a Safe Haven
I knew I was the Lucky One
When the Best of Me
Took the Bend in the Road
And heard the Last Song
Before taking the Longest Ride
To spend some Nights at Rhodante

I haven’t read all of his books, but I plan to: they inspire me and reinforce my belief in love when I’m feeling blue and disappointed from life.

A small token of appreciation for a wonderful writer.

P.S. I wrote this a long time ago but posted it on Notegraphy instead of here. But I think it is worth sharing so I’m posting it here now.

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