Okay, I know my birthday passed a month ago, 16 June to be exact, but I’m a lazy writer, and I didn’t feel like writing when I stayed up at night. Or typing for that matter.

But I wanted to share this with everyone out there, especially writers who have this unexplainable ability to write with a pen but not on their computer systems. I’m one anyway. I have no idea what has happened. There was this one time when I couldn’t put my pen down. Literally. And then I couldn’t pick it up as I pecked on the keyboard all night. I wrote a whole novel online! But then again a time has come, when I pick up a pen, my hand, my fingers start itching to start writing and not stop till they are exhausted, and yet when I sit online to write anything, I’m blank. Just like that. It’s annoying, inexplicable, irritating, and overall disastrous for the creative personality living in me.

So I went and got myself a fountain pen. It’s a branded fountain pen, though I don’t really care about brand names, not as long as the pen keeps working. 😉 It’s from Cross, sky blue in colour and has some spots on it for design. I love the design of the pen. It’s kind of unique to me, not that it matters, since even the fountain pen is unique nowadays. 🙂

It was a bright sunny day when I decided to go and get myself a birthday present that I would never be able to part with, that would stay with me a long time, and that will help me out through out the tasks of the day. And these qualities would be found in at least one thing: a fountain pen. Oh, maybe there are many other things that can fit in those qualities. But my choice was a fountain pen: because I wanted one, and because I’m a writer. (How am I going to sign when people cram for my autograph? 😉 )

So I went online on websites, I looked around, I researched and I researched, I tried my best to find the best pen possible, but I was confused.

All the while I was looking for the pen, I knew one thing: all that really mattered was the nib. The colours, the design, the size of the body, were all secondary things. So I decided to visit the one place where I could get all my info right – a shop for such pens. And I did so, with my parents, who seemed a little amused, even though my father had said that he would love to give me a pen for my birthday present. And I found a lot of things – the nib of the pen is all that matters, actually, and there is barely difference between the makings of the nibs that are called “fine” and “medium”. I looked at the nibs carefully, and my parents, whose writing I adore, said that the medium nib is better. Finally getting a good advice on something I liked, I looked at different pens with the medium nib size, and decided to explore more before finalizing what I want.

I came back home and started to check out the models I’d found there at the shop, which was named – quite suitably – Pen World. But I was still confused. Because the models didn’t seem good at all on the websites. I didn’t primarily cared so much about the looks of the pen, but I did want it to look decent enough when I hold it or carry it. So I called the shop and asked them names of the pens that they may have in stock for me. Since they were having a 50% sale, the pens there were pretty old models than the ones shown on the websites. The shop deals in four brands: Cross, Waterman, Parker, and Sheaffer. I knew the first three, but didn’t remember the last one, although I had visited its website in my research.

I know I’d wanted Parker in the beginning. I wanted the newest collection of the brand, called the Ingenuity. But when I read reviews and details upon it, I found, to my disappointment, that the new pen is a device created to mimic a fountain pen, but is actually a pointer embedded in the shape of the fountain pen. So I cancelled that option very quickly. As quickly as I had been impressed by the video of it, in fact.

But striking off one option from a list of many is not as convenient as it can be if there were fewer choices. I did manage to cut down my choices though, and even though I told myself I don’t really care about the colour of the pen body, I knew somewhere deep in my heart, I’d love to have a pink pen with pink ink. =D hehehe

But then I knew the importance lies in the nib not the colour, and had to settle in for the top brand instead of a cute colour. In the end, I got myself a sky blue coloured Cross, with my name inscribed on the cap, and some black spots on it for design. Needless to say, I’m very excited to have something I can depend upon for the rest of my life. =)

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