Inna Lillah e Wa Inna Aleh e Ra’ajioon.

My dear Phuppa Ahsan Ul Haq has passed away on 26th January 2015. 🙁

Hé was a treasure chest of azadi memories and a great n loving man. He was loved by all and will be very greatly missed.

Dear Phuppa we love you and always will. May Allah guide your soul to Jannah n give it peace. Ameen.

My sweet Phuppa was a man of excellent character, loving, caring, carefree and jolly. He loved everyone who was younger, whether they were children or adults of 30, 40, 60 years old.

He was a treasure chest full of stories from an Era that is very far away from the imagination of this generation. He had histories to tell us, things of a distant past, things he had seen with his own eyes, things that we can only hope to see in movies or find in novels.

Ahsan Phuppa 2
Still in the pink 🙂

He was a man of honor, truth, he wanted everyone to love and be loved, to live life fully n freely. He wanted his children to be happy and successful. He believed in them unconditionally, wanting them to try new things and encouraging them all the way through.

Everybody was his friend. He knew so many people that his family didn’t even know he knew them. From children of pre-school age to adults merely few years younger than him, everyone loved and respected him, sincerely.

People like him are rare in this world now. He shall be sincerely missed.

May Allah show your soul the path to Jannah, Ameen. You will forever live in our hearts. Thank you for all the brilliant and happy memories.

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