Okay, first of all, this whole post is my opinion only; I’m not trying to change anyone else’s opinions or to influence them with mine.

This is about the different kinds of messages that I’ve been getting about different issues on the blasphemy of Islam and it’s different elements, especially our Holy Prophet S.A.W. I do not in any way, I repeat, I do not support any of those activities in any way. But I have an opinion which I’d like everyone to read and think if they want to or ignore if they want to.

Here is what I think: First of all, the latest problem about a movie that is basically blocked in my country, something called “Innocence of the Muslims” and which depicts our Holy Prophet as a bad person (I’m in no mood to copy all the stupid words used in descriptions of the movie and get a protest started on my blog too). I condemn the movie with all my heart and soul and the highest of hate and reproach. But I still don’t support the kind of reaction that Muslims all over the world have been giving to the movie. We need to rethink our strategy of reacting, or should I say, protesting against such activities, so that they make more of an impression, to have more effect on the people who do such activities and don’t even regret them. For example, for every such video against the Muslims, there should be a movie in reply, telling the truth about Islam. When Islamic videos are posted on Youtube, people go and place pretty stupid and immature comments against the religion and its followers, we should go and post comments on their videos. In my opinion, violence shall only anger the culprits more and make them do more such activities to instigate more violent reactions from us. And these violent reactions, if we think about it calmly, are our own losses. We, for example in Pakistan, we are setting our buildings and vehicles on fire, hurting our own people in the process. Perhaps the building is given to the American representatives to use as their Consulate and Embassy offices, but they’re not theirs. They are built by us, the Pakistani workers, who have their hands pretty damaged with the hard work of building. Who will repair the building after everything is settled? It would be us again, the Pakistanis, who would be sweating our blood. So I suggest, instead of being violent, we need to think of a strategy that would not make us the people to have losses, but them who do all these things. For example, instead of taking out rallies and protesting, making violence in the country and scaring most of the people to stay inside their homes, keeping their children home too, and hence in turn creating a loss for the education of the children as well as the business activities of the country; we could stop the NATO supply again. Since Google, who owns Youtube, has also refused to remove the video altogether and instead has blocked the videos in certain countries, we also have a right to do as we please. Like I said before, and mentioning it again, this is just an example. All I want to say is we need to shift the loss account to their department.

The other message that I’ve been receiving is the different “pics” of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. placed on the biggest and most popular online encyclopaedia, the Wikipedia. I searched for these as well, and as expected, they were blocked. Being in the technology field however, I figured out a way to view the pages and found to my surprise that they are not pics by Wikipedia, but paintings and many of them by even Muslims themselves – most probably historians. They are all paintings from the time of Islam to current age, made by different people, whose names sound Muslim, but I don’t know if they are or not. And they too, have been blocked instead of completely being removed. It is nothing to protest either. I mean, what difference would it make to remove the pictures from Wiki? They are, after all, only the photographs of the real paintings. If we really want to remove something, it should be the paintings we should be after. Then again, they are also art relics and part of history, so they need to be preserved too, and we can, therefore, not do anything with them, and it’s really useless going after them isn’t it?

In my opinion, these issues are not really issues, but distractions which the “munafiqs” in the Muslim community – apart from Non-Muslims –  are placing in our way as “bait”. Since we bite the bait and get trapped, we are wasting precious time which we can instead spend in mending our erroneous ways and to preach Islam – real Islam – so that the world would know what Islam really is all about; if it’s really a religion of terrorism as they have spread, or a religion of peace, as some of the wiser scholars say.

Overall, in the end, I shall repeat what I said in the beginning – that this is all only my opinion, and I wish to influence no-one with it; as well as condemn all acts of blasphemy and discourage any depictions of not just the Holy Prophet S.A.W., but all of them. Also want to say that we need to think over our reactions; the Non-Muslims have dubbed the Muslim Ummah as “terrorists”, so by reacting in such violent ways, are we not confirming their accusations?

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