Since everyone was talking about Malala and how the poor 14 year old child got attacked on 9th of October 2012, an unfortunate event that almost cost her her life, I only found it fair that I dedicate a post to her on my website too.

The young girl, a victim of so called “Jihad” activity courtesy of the Taliban, who have taken over one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan, is now fighting for her life in the confines of a hospital bed. She was shot at on the morning of 9th October 2012, hit once in the head and once in the neck. Though the bullets have been extracted from her body, she was in a critical condition according to the latest news reports. Of course, I condemn the act as much as anyone else in this country who would have appreciated that she was, is, an asset to the country. But condemning wouldn’t exactly bring her back. We need to do something. Something more productive than walking in prayer for the recovery of the girl, something towards eradication of terrorism and terrorists from our beloved country, be they Taliban or anyone else from outer space.

The nation hoes have a power that they, we, don’t realise. When we come together to do something, even superman can not stop us, let alone the so called terrorist organisations. But when we leave it in the middle, we forget about it, and then no one can help us take it up again. We need to learn to help ourselves and start taking steps, instead of waiting for someone else to move forward first. Once we take that first step, everything wouldn’t just fall into place, it’d be much easier to move on from there.

That is what Malala did, poor girl, putting her life in danger at such a tender age when she should have been enjoying life. For she is still in her childhood, she’s in school, a school that has been closed and attacked and destroyed for “Islamic” reasons. What is so unIslamic about girls going to take education anyway? Is it that they are able to think more clearly and become less dependent on the men? Or is it the uniform that the girls wear and some are so proud of while others complain? Or is it the course that is being taught in the schools that is the problem? It is ironic, if you think about it, education for girls is not unIslamic at all. But it is strictly abiding by the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.)’s hadees, “To gain education is the responsibility of every Muslim man and woman.

The girl was fighting for the best possible cause, she had the courage to do what most of our so called leaders can’t get the guts to do: say to the face of a terrorist that he is a terrorist and that he is wrong, but, unfortunately for her, also to challenge them to do their worst to her as well. They have done what any coward would do when his so called revolution is in danger. If she had gone on doing her activities against the action that the Taliban had taken to close down and destruct her school, other people may have got the courage to stand up to them, and they may have had to choose a different place to go to for their survival.and of course, as egoistic as they are, they wouldn’t take that from a little girl would they? Oh no. They would instead target her and finish off the rebellion from its root and kill a girl less than half their ages and standing alone than going and facing her.

My father would most certainly frown at me using such strong and hurting words, but someone has to come forward and say it: the Taliban are cowards. All terrorists are cowards. If they don’t know how to face us without attacking our backs, they are certified cowards. And we, if we stand against them as a nation, we wouldn’t even know when they have fled our country forever. So I appeal to you, people, stand with each other, by each other, only if we work together can we rid our beloved country of all these terrorists who are working falsely in the name of Islam.

If the daughter of the nation dies today, the blood would not be on the hands of the Taliban only. It will be half shared by us, because we did not stand up to the wrong people on time.

May Allah give Malala full health recovery soon and may she be able to stand back on her feet to face her, our, enemies soon. Ameen.

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