You came to my school one day,
And interrupted my class,
I was enjoying myself making things,
I was attending my art class.

You disrupted my discipline,
You destroyed my dear school,
You came in with big fat guns,
And left us in blood pools.

I was enjoying making a sail boat,
My friend was painting trees,
My brother was in Physics class,
My sister in History.

But you came in anyway,
As selfish as you were,
You did not see my age,
My learning was just taking a start.

You huddled us against the doors,
And pulled up all your guns,
Taking aim, you shot at us,
Your bombs began to blast.

Heartless people as you are,
So you did not see,
The victims all in front of you,
Were only kids like me.

But you made a mistake,
When you chose my school,
Yes, mistake you did make,
For my school is full of brave souls,
We’re not cowards like you.

Though you say you wage “Jihad”,
I do not really see,
If it’s us you war against,
Or the Almighty?? (Nauzubillah)

For He has said in His Quran,
“If you kill one man, you kill mankind”,
If you go and read you’ll see,
It horrifies me now to think,
How many mankinds so far,
Must you have killed selfishly??

As I breathe my last in my mother’s arms,
I just want you to know,
If you think we’ll back out now,
You’d better leave the show.

For my beloved Pakistan has brave soldiers,
Who will never now retreat,
Our sacrifice shall not go to waste,
Confirm is now your complete defeat. (Insha Allah)

Dedicated to the brave little warriors of Peshawar, Army Public School, whether they lost their lives or stood up to fight against the cruel n brutal terrorists, Saniha 16th December 2014.

Salute and tribute to all of you and your grieving families. We Pakistani nation is proud of you and stand by you and your families. May all the Shuhdas be in a better place and may the survivors never lose their courage. May all victims and their families recover soon. Ameen.
May all terrorists rot in hell! Ameen.

Pakistan Zindabad, Pak Armed Forces Paindabad!!

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