So to speak. I’ve only just started. Okay, not only just started, but I don’t have a lot of experience to pocket like those YouTube video tutorial makers.

I ordered my Huion H610 Pro way back in April 2018 (okay, not so far back), and received it a month of agonizing waiting later on 2nd May 2018, which happened to be the 16th of Ramadan – my Islamic birthday.

Happy to think at the time that the postal services hadn’t been touched by the hand of corruption yet and was working sincerely and hard, I was also almost hysterical since my tablet had made its way back to the post office head office – due to a misunderstanding – and hadn’t returned.

When I saw in the website that my tablet was in the post office, I was overexcited. Having found a graphics tablet in less than Rs. 6k, I was obviously ecstatic, even though I had already used and loved Wacom Intuos that belonged to a colleague, I did not care about the brand name, just the quality of the product. Not to mention, I was only a starter, and did not want to spend 40k+ on something I wasn’t even sure about.

Anyway, in my overexcitement, when I was sick and in bed at home, one of my colleagues called in to say that my tablet had arrived in the office (I gave my office address for all deliveries since I wanted to be the one to receive everything myself), and that postman uncle was saying that the custom tax was more than half the price of it, I took the advice of uncle and wrote an application addressed to the customs office to either reduce the custom tax or to completely cancel it since the tablet itself was so cheap, and sent the application and the tablet all back to the postal services.

Then anxiety set in. I remember regretting this action, as well as I remember not being able to wait. Also I had no idea whatsoever how the post office and customs worked in these things, especially their coordination in the matter and got tense that my tablet might be sent back to China!!

So on the 16th of Ramadan, 2nd of May 2018, when I was sure the package was in post head office “KARACHI INTERNATIONAL MAIL OFFICE“, as it was called in the tracking website, I set out with my dad to track the package down and get my prized possession home.

We went down to several post office branches and finally found it, to my utter relief and slight annoyance as well as surprise, at the branch just behind my home address, packed and almost ready to be on its way back to my office!!

I was ready to pay the tax this time, and I got my tablet, paid the taxes and got out of there as fast as my legs and our car could carry us.

Since that day, I have been dabbling in scribbling, doodling, sketching, even painting and reached nowhere, except getting used to using the pen.

However, after watching infinite number of tutorials, following some, ignoring some, I found – to my dismay and relief, yes, I know, confusing – that I can paint over a ready picture – be it photograph or someone else’s digital art….

The discovery made me realize two things:

1- I needed to work directly with colors, leave the pencil sketch behind. Something was wrong in my sketch to color coordination, and until I understood more about it, I needed to disconnect the two.

2- I CAN manage this, even if it’s taking a lot of time and effort and loads of patience.

Because, as I proved, when i created April o Neil on a whim, standing by the side of a motorcycle, using only her old cartoon face for reference, and a bike photo of course, I CAN sketch with the tablet. If I can blank out my mind and completely focus. (I’ll post the image shortly).

April O Neil Final Sketch

And as I proved to myself two nights ago, I CAN paint with it as well. (Not going to post this image since I have no idea who, what, whose, painting I was painting on top of, I only intended to experiment).

So after two years of struggling – which isn’t even complete two years to count, since I probably must have spent less than a month in total hours in these two years on the tablet, I’ve been busy – I have come to learn that I can do it. Don’t give up! If you want to speed up the process of discovering something – whether it’s working on the graphic tablet to make wonderfully engaging paintings, or anything else – just give all your time to that task instead of a portion of it like I did. Plus, don’t be afraid to try out something. Follow a tutorial from start to finish, don’t worry about the time. If you really want to learn something and are passionate about it, you’ll need to tackle it with patience and perseverance.

I’ll keep sharing my journey with my Huion H610 Pro – version 1 btw, 2 came just a month after I received 1 – as I learn more about digital art. Whether this series is going to help anyone or not, remains to be seen. There must be some duffers like me out there, right? 🙂