Assalam o Alaikum all!

Welcome to my all new website!

The crazy novelist finally gets her own website! =)

The design is just under way, (no this theme isn’t mine, and though it’s absolutely stunning and inspirational, I will change it soon).

I would like to ask you for your patience as I create my design and manage a whole website. Because this isn’t going be just my blog, it’s going to be a whole website with a lot of things including my collection of writings so far and my graphic designing work.

I just might add a section for the family (albeitĀ a private one), but that would take a little time to develop.

I’m concentrating more on my blog, and plugins at the moment. As soon as the design is ready, I’ll come to my readers in full throttle. Hopefully anyway. =)

I wish all of you a happy reading and a happy writing (and everything else too) life hereafter.

Adios! Talk to ya’all later!

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