The new year arrived for me the previous evening, 31st of December 2012, when I fell smack on my knees just outside my home, while returning from work. With big red spots (on both knees) to remind me of what had happened, I spent the remaining five hours writhing in pain and trying to convert my frowns into smiles and ready to cry expressions into jumping-about-the-room-with-frustration-out-of-holding-my-scream exercises. While the rest of the world prepared to welcome the new year with new hopes, I prepared to go to bed, forgetting in my pain the welcoming committee that greets the new year in my area, right outside my window.

Needless to say, that I have spent the past half hour of the new year cursing the people outside who had no care in the world than to prove they’re more powerful and fierce than the rest of the people welcoming the new year in similar manners. Of course, the fireworks are nice. They’re beautiful entertainment, in fact, and should be encouraged.

Firing guns in the air, however, is something that I strongly condemn, whether anyone else does or not, or even if they put the sword to my neck for doing it. For the past half hour, the people “in control” of the area I live in, have been continuously showing off their power and attitude (though it seemed more like they were showing off their gun power), and as it is, my sleep has now gone. I can hardly sit straight at the moment, my knees giving me pain to no end, and still they annoyed and irritated me so much, and I seriously got so tired of cursing them to no avail, that I had to sit and do something other than smother my ears with every kind of equipment I could find.

Though the new year is welcomed in Pakistan as much as anywhere else, I’d rather it had been welcomed in some other style. To celebrate after spending such a bloodied 2012, I’d have thought the people of the country would at least make less noise in respect of the people who have left us untimely, being victims of cold blooded and brutal assassinations.

Listening to the gunshot sounds – it hasn’t stopped even as yet – I am reminded of an Urdu drama, extremely old, though it still rings true down to its every word, rightly called, “Taleem-e-Balighan” – translated, “Education of Adults”. A scene particularly comes to mind when these gunshots give me the creeps. The teacher has five students, one from each province, including Bengal, which was still with us at the time of creation of the long play, and, though all of them were uneducated, one stood out in particular, the “Khan Sahib” of the class, the student from the North West Frontier Province of the country, now called “Pakhtoonistan”. This man kept scaring the class and his teacher with multiple flicks of a hunter that he carried around with him – more for the purpose of controlling the horse of his horse carriage, the Victoria, but doing multiple tasks nevertheless. My fellow Pakistanis would understand the irony better behind the original Urdu dialog of the teacher when he says, “Agar himmat hai to Upar dikha”, and the student’s insensitive reply, as he flicks his hunter again, “Dikhayega, Upar bhi Dikhayega.” Translation – teacher says, “show the hunter to God if you’re brave enough,” and the student replies, very stubbornly, “Oh yes I shall, I shall show to Him too.”
The extremity of illiteracy and the height of insensitive attitude shown there, is completely reflected here, as the humans fight to establish the “fear” and show to themselves, to the residents, and to no-one in particular who is better than the other to rule.

The insensitivity of the nation, however, lies in the fact that nobody tried to get out and protest against such actions. Of course, they had good reasons for not going into the very centre of shoot out, but I’m not suggesting to go and get themselves killed. Of course, the rest of the year is quite clear for anyone to go and talk to the responsible party. Why don’t I stop complaining n do it myself, you ask? Of course I’d go. But for one, I won’t be allowed to do so, n second, why would they listen to one bickering female? They might, on the other hand, listen to a group of well-formed males.
But then again, who has the time for getting into such messes?

Well, now that its silence, perhaps I can finally go to sleep.
Happy new year everyone n good night!
Silence, you insensitive fools! I’m trying to sleep! :-@

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