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I’ve been pretty inactive lately and that’s not due to anything I’ve got to do and there’s nothing that’s keeping me too busy. I’m just too lazy to write and also I think I’m now out of topics.
I wrote a post on Miss Malala Yousufzai some days back and suddenly I’m noticing that people are sort of misunderstanding the attention that media is giving her shooting and not other events that happen with schools or students.

Our media, as I was discussing with a friend, just needs something to propagate. Then it magnifies the issue and distracts the nation, then leaves it hanging in the middle, making people like me wonder what happened to it, and others stop giving it any value at all.
It’s true, Malala did something a girl of her age would rarely dream of, especially when she directly challenged the Taliban, a bad move according to my dad, and wrote about the events of her city in the international news channel blog BBC.

Some days after the terrible attack on the young girl, I started getting forward messages about how other schools and universities and students all over the country were targeted as well and the media had treated them as just simple everyday events. After a few messages, I could take it no more and decided to do something about it.

Thus this post.

I completely agree with those forwarded messages that other such events happening with students were also important – even though they must have had their own propaganda value – but those events did not have any international value I suppose, because of which they did not get the attention in the media that Malala did. The main news in the news is that she wrote on the BBC blog. That is international. Now what did the other students do in similar stature/value that the media could expose and thus use to promote itself? No offence intended to the other students, just highlighting a fact about the media.

In my opinion, the media can not show everything. It can not give equal value to all the news and keep program’s on every single thing. If they try to do that, they’d always be short of time, because, unfortunately, we have way too many issues. The real entity that can give the rest of the news value as well is the nation. Who is so busy in their own lives that they just don’t want to take steps. By the time I get home, I’m so tired, I don’t feel like sitting at my laptop and trying to write something creative for my blog. Getting a blog and website was easy, learning to use it, choosing the design, a.k.a. decorating the blog was easy, but when I needed to make an effort and actually write something, especially making it something that shall benefit my country, my people, I became lazy and my health started to get weak and I started getting too much work to do in the office so I shall be tired when I get back home. None of which is, by the way, true. I have a lot of time in the office, I’m not very tired of my work because I do what I like to do, which doesn’t ask much effort, as well as I can take out a lot of time, and I can also find thousands of topics. But why bother? Why work hard? Media is bringing up issues isn’t it? Let it. I need rest. 🙂 the scenario, though is just an example, but it is true, and not just for myself, for the whole country. We wait. We sit and wait for someone else to take steps, then we say that we had been thinking the same thing. This post has been in my drafts for three days now, and as yet I’ve told at least three people that I need to do it, but am not getting the time. Making excuses is now our everyday habit. I include myself because I know I do it.

But accepting that I do it might just be the next step to the journey of change. Maybe we can save the country yet. Maybe there’s still chance. Maybe we just need a push to take action. We just need support, motivation. I have found my calling – I shall provide the support through my website. What are the rest of you going to do? Sit and wait, or take some action and find out what you can do?
Best of luck either way, to my readers, to my beloved country Pakistan, and to its nation.

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