To edit or not to edit that is the question.

Good after-midnight everyone! It’s 1230 after midnight here and I’m writing on my blog like the crazy writer that I am. And I still manage to be late to post.

You see, I live in a very controlled environment and that is how I found that editing your manuscript before it is complete can be disastrous for your book. Not just disastrous either; it can actually completely destroy your book.

I used to wonder about this. I have read a lot about writing. And too many articles said never to even think about editing your manuscript unless it’s done and over with. I mean till you’ve written the ending. And I don’t mean just writing what your ending is going to be. I mean completing a whole set of words, phrases, sentences and pages that make sense of a story.
I used to be intrigued: how can you not want to go back and correct that, or modify that, or improve that? But then I realized, hey these questions will go on and by the time I have dealt with them, I would have completely lost track of what I wanted to happen next in my story.

Even when you write an article, you simply must note down all the points that you have thought about it. And since you have to write down all the points, why not try to write them in complete, sensible sentences? And when you have done that, you can go back and edit the document to your heart’s desire.

It’s not very difficult to avoid editing, as I once read in a resource which has long since been lost I regret to say, “use a pen not a pencil, so you can not erase anything”; then as far as the latest technology goes, put a lock on your backspace and delete buttons. Somehow or the other, whether by keeping a friend by your side who reads as you write; or by taking out the buttons of the backspace and delete buttons if you use a pc or typewriter; or simply by applying masking tape on those criminal buttons; or by using pen n paper instead of the pc, you have to manage this one tiny thing.

Because if you don’t, you shall lose your book forever. And remember, the writer’s block attacks first when you try to edit in the initial stages. So be very careful.

See you around! Adios and good night amigos! 😉

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