The other night I was thinking, very very annoyingly, as to how to use the frustratingly extra (sorry dear) writing energy that keeps burning inside me and doesn’t let me sleep at night or work in the day.

I have always been passionate about writing, I wanted to be a writer, not an IT personnel, and wasn’t able to manage it only because it had no place in my country. An underdeveloped country of Asia, Pakistan has its shares of literary geniuses now, but at the time when I was trying to choose my career it had no idea even about the “L” of literature. Well, maybe it did in Urdu Adab, but hardly any in English anyway. Needless to say, it’s now too late to do more than just be a normal novelist/writer; where at that crucial time, I wanted to make a record of being the first Pakistani writer, or youngest writer to get published.

But as it’s said, “it’s never too late”, I kept on writing jargon anyway, and one day I did find a way to get published, to see my name in print, and finally impress on my parents that I could have had it as my side hobby, if not career, if they had encouraged me even a tiny bit.

Well, back to that night when I was tossing and turning in my bed, my hands itching and my eyes not ready to close themselves, saying bad words to the “inspirer” inside me who helps me write. Then, funny or maybe sarcastic as it may sound, I got the idea to use my smartphone. Let me add here that I bought myself a smartphone so that I could give that “inspirer” in me a break and be able to jot down stuff whenever the urge overcame me. And though it helps me a lot, the Android is not powerful enough to bear my power of creativity. Well, at least I have powerful apps installed on it that can help me when I want them to. Seeing the WP widget on my last screen inspired me to start this blog, and share on it my thicks and thins, my problems and solutions, my bad days and best days, overall my experience that I endured on my pathway to being a “published” novelist, even though I’m a self-published one.

And I started on my post, writing a welcome note to anyone who reads the blog, or whoever wants to follow it. Though I have blogged unsuccessfully before, I was unsure of WP, so I tested the post by pressing the publish button and checking the connectivity and other processes of my mobile phone (which has also been acting a bit “peculiarly” lately). The post was published, and happily I went on to edit it to make myself more clear as to why I’ve made the blog.

And lo n behold! Before I could go half way onwards on lengthening my post, I received a notification that I had got a comment on my post. Intrigued and confused, I finished off with my post first then went to see what all the fuss was about: a comment before I even completed setting up my site was bewildering.

It was another writer on WP itself who was vexing herself over nothing just because she had no sense to read or wait before opening her mouth. Or unleash her fingers on the keyboard. She was bad enough to insult me as well as try her best to shut down my blog at the same time, and then she says she “wasn’t being an a**hole”!! To read and use such words is horror in my family, and to have them published on my personal blog was the DoomsDay itself! I wasn’t sure what to do, but I had a good enough reply for her. And she starts a war with me to change my topic!! I mean of all the nerve, she should first of all have tried to see the date on which the blog was even started. According to her personal blog, she was searching on the internet on tips for writing and found my site and thought it may be useful. If anything, the writer needs to be observant, very very observant. And she didn’t even try to realize that the blog hadn’t been started yet. Above all that, she uses my blog to swear and pent off her frustration, which must have been on something else.

Sheesh, it was as if a blind person takes you into the well, while ignoring your help to help them. Am I making any sense? Okay, maybe I’m not. But it felt insulting to be part of a community who has stopped realizing and started following “Stop thinking, start doing,” metaphor instead of “Think before you speak” and “Look before you leap”. Since I had promised her I would visit her site, I fulfilled my promise and did so, and I find, to my (un)pleasant surprise that she had written an article on our whole argument, with me as the “featured villain”.

Though I started the blog 2 days ago, and I felt I could do a post per week, or weekend, but this article and all this war business had me going and I thought I just had to write a reply.

She wanted to know what I’m doing, why my grammar isn’t right (although she failed to pinpoint a single error), and blah blah, in short just trying to blacklist my blog.

But I’m not a novice as she’ll soon discover, and I shall write and tell her not just what I’m made of, but also what she can learn from me. She, as it turned out today, is writing on the same topic, and seemed kind of scared that I might take away her readers. Why can’t she think more positively for a change: her readers may get double help than what they are getting right now. I did comment on her post, and I’m very sure she’ll be back on my blog to rant some more.

But if that kitten wants a cat fight, she’d be tad bit disappointed: I’m way too old and mature (okay I’m not THAT old, but still seems to me she’s below 20 at any rate, and I’m more than 25) to get too excited like the young people like her do on tiny things. No wonder she can’t write.

She’ll learn a lot from me if she wants to, I guarantee it. Rest is up to her of course. You need to be patient. I wasn’t and am not giving classes, especially not English classes. What I tell and what she or any other reader can learn from me has to wait.

More on the writing topic tomorrow, since it’s off – and imagine that – I’d forgotten.

Good night all. =)

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