Okay, I know I promised the post to have been published yesterday, but I am an employed person, and even though my boss is great and I do an ample amount of hobby writing in my office too, something came up urgently and I was unable to work on the post.

Ah the weekend at last! Or should I say, the weekend comes in the last =( My weekends are so short, they’re over before I can wake up proper. But since I started the blog, I have a promise to fulfil and I shall do my best to do so.

Let’s start with the first and worst thing that every writer just has to go through, no matter what genre he writes in or which country he lives in – the WRITERS’ BLOCK!!

Oh yeah, the name says it all, and much more, I know.

When I first started to write, I didn’t even know such a thing existed. I had absolutely no problems in writing anything. I could write poetry, fiction, non-fiction, everything. But then I read about it somewhere and researched a bit about it. I found that everybody has such a thing, and I started to wonder whether I too had it or not. But I realized I didn’t, not that time at least. Slowly and gradually, however, as I took the habit of writing anything and everything that I felt like, I started to invite the block myself. Then I realized, oh, hey! What’s going on? I can’t write, ugh! At the same time I realized I have a lot on my mind.

My studies at the time were at their crucial point, I was being pressured to do my medical, which is a very hard task, above that I was also in my O Levels. Doing Biology in O Levels is harder than doing it in the local system, where cheating is quite easy and common. Other than that, my most un-favourite subject of Additional Mathematics with its differentiation and integration formulas made me crazy! I just couldn’t figure them out! Then I was not interested in Physics and I wanted to go for Computer Science not Medical. But I finally accepted everything and got myself into focusing on whatever subjects I had taken – there was still a lot of time to change if I wanted to later on.

But then my mom wanted me to do the three-year course in two years and the pressure on me increased. I stopped writing altogether and when I did try to sit with a pen and paper, I found myself falling asleep of fatigue and unimaginativeness. But I did not give up.

I wrote my first story when I was in class 8, and though she may have been encouraging me, and I was also her favourite student, my English teacher said I would be a great writer one day. I knew the story was pretty silly, it was also influenced by an English kids’ movie, but nevertheless, it was quite some fuel to make me go on.

However, during  my O Levels and A Levels, I wrote my very first long story. It was childish and completely fiction, all influenced by Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series, a mixture of everything. But then, I used to get tired out of only studying and doing nothing else at home as well as in college. It was a miracle the way I sat and went on writing, and my best friend went on reading it and enjoying it. So after being so much under pressure and having so much on my mind, especially highly (inflammable) pressurizing subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry AND Mathematics too; how did I manage to write a story of more than 50k words? (I mention word count because it is considered important nowadays. I read somewhere that a story of more than 50k words is called a novel.)

It was all because of my best friend. She used to be so fascinated by my stuff, it encouraged me too much. So the first step you have to do is find yourself a partner, a friend who can sit by you while you write and reads your stuff and encourages you to not just go on but also shows excitement.

The second reason I could go on was that because of all that extra pressure on me, I was low on social life, I had no-one to talk to, hardly any outings, and almost no fun. I had to record my frustration and disappointments somewhere. So I started keeping a diary. No matter what kind of attack the writer’s block made on me, I was always able to write what had happened that day in my diary. And of course, the secret to get rid of writer’s block is to start writing, so the block used to leave me as if it never came on me!

So, since I’ve given out a few secrets on fighting the writers’ block, I’ll finish off here for now.

Hopefully, I’ll be writing again soon, with more of war materials for the writers’ block, as well as more topics.

Until next time, then, adios amigos! =)

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